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    Common stuff for all modules:

    Reserved characters :
    • / (slash): Used to indicate branching according to the OSC specification.
    • . (dot): Used to indicate members (or instances?) of a specific class.
    • : (colon): Colon is used to adressed a property (or attribute) of a parameter

    Generic commands :
    (to be appended to any adress, at least theoretically)

    • :/whatever:/get returns the current attribute of the node (e.g. :/value:/get returns the value. (should be /get?, or better /whatever?)
    • :/dump returns the state of the node, which is to say the values of all of the properties including the value itself.(should be :/dump?)
    To be implemented or fixed :
    • :/namespace should return the namespace implemented at this node.(we need to have a way to differentiate the different elements, e.g. parameters, messages, returns) - (should be :/namespace?)
    • :/catalog? should return an enumeration of available options for a node, if relevant.
    • :/catalog for setting them
    These commands and the colon separator are extensively discussed in a paper published at NIME'08


    • /clock/set - Set what clock is used to control internal timed events in the module (not yet implemented)


    • /documentation/generate - generate html
    • /documentation/help - load help patch
    • /documentation/html - open html

    Preset handling:

    • /preset/default - recall the default preset (implies loading the default XML file)
    • /preset/post - post all presets to the Max window
    • /preset/dump - return all available preset numbers and names of this module
    • /preset/read - read an XML file (+ optional filename/path)
    • /preset/recall - recall a numbered/named preset from current XML file (+ optional preset number or preset name)
    • /preset/store - store/add a preset to current XML file (+ optional preset number and preset name)
    • /preset/storenext - store the current state as the next preset (optional name as argument)
    • /preset/write - write an XML file (+ optional filename/path)

    User interface:

    • /ui/freeze - Turn off the updating of user interface elements when parameters change. This may be done to conserve CPU resources.
    • /ui/refresh - Refresh display to reflect current state

    The module itself:

    • /module/init - initialize the module (to be fixed)
      NB: This should behave the same way as ";jmod.init bang", but locally for this module only. Not yet implemented
    • :/namespace? - should report all parameters, messages and returns for the module (not properly implemeted yet : we use different ad hoc for messages, parameters and returns, then ???)
    • /module/size:/value/get - get the size of the module (to be fixed)
    • /panel/open View inspector window. Only valid if the module has one.
    • /module/view_internals - View internal component

    Common stuff for audio modules according to JIG

    • /audio/meters:/clear - Clear audio peak indicator.
    • /audio/meters:/freeze - When active, this attribute turns off the signal level meters in the module to conserve CPU.
    • /audio/mix - Controls the wet/dry mix of the module's processing routine in percent.
    • /audio/mute - When active, this attribute turns off the module's processing algorithm to save CPU
    • /audio/bypass - When active, this attribute bypasses the module's processing algorithm, letting audio pass through unaffected.
    • /audio/gain - Set gain as MIDI value (by default, can be accessed in linear or dB modes by appending the symbols linear or dB after the value).

    Common stuff for video modules according to JIG:

    • /video/bypass - Bypasses the video processing algorithm in the module - allowing unaltered video through.
    • /video/freeze - Freezes the last frame of output from the module's processing algorithm.
    • /video/mute - Mutes (turns off) the module's algorithm - generating no output.
    • /video/preview - Turns on/off the video display in the module's preview window.
    • /video/direct - Send messages directly to the jitter external(s) embedded in the module.
    • /video/genframe - Forces a frame of output to be sent.



    • /light/ambient
    • /light/diffuse
    • /light/enable
    • /light/emission
    • /light/specular

    3D positioning

    • /3D/position
    • /3D/rotate
    • /3D/scale

    Jitter GL Group

    • [Jitter GL Group mapping to Jamoma namespace]

    Sub-namespace for each parameter/message

    • /this_parameter 10.
      This command sets this_parameter to the value 10.
    • /this_parameter 10. ramp 4000
      This command makes this_parameter ramp to the value 10. in 4000 ms
    • /this_parameter:/type
      This command changes the type of the parameter (e.g. msg_float)
    • /this_parameter:/range/bounds
      This command changes the range of the parameter (2 values : low/high)
    • /this_parameter:/range/clipmode
      This command changes the clipmode of the parameter - possible values high, low, both, none
    • /this_parameter:/repetitions/allow
      This command changes the filtering mode for repetitions of the parameter (similar to Max's change object)
    • (not yet implemented) /this_parameter:/output_enable
    • /this_parameter:/ui/freeze
      This command freezes (1) or unfreezes (0) this particular parameter's UI.


    • /this_parameter:/ramp/drive - How is the ramp driven? Possible modes:
      • none: no ramp
      • scheduler: max scheduler
      • queue: max low-priority thread
      • async: manual bangs
    • /this_parameter:/ramp/function - Shape of the ramp:
      • linear : Updated at regular intervals using line
      • none
      • power
      • lowpass
      • cos
      • tanh
    • /this_parameter:/ramp/drive:/granularity - alter the granularity (step size used) in ms. At current this is fixed to the default value for line: 20 ms.

    Get current state of parameter

    • /this_parameter:/value/get - get value only
    • /this_parameter:/dump - get value and current state for all of the sub-namespace

    A generalized model for inc/dec:

    • /this_param:/value/inc (or /this_param:+)
    • /this_param:/value/dec (or /this_param:-)
    • /this_param:/value/stepsize 2.5
    • /this_param:/value/inc 4 : adds 4 steps defined by the above stepsize

    (not yet implemented) Built-in LFOs with different modes (Au-vi style):

    • /this_param:LFO 1
    • /this_param:LFO_mode fractal
    • /this_param:LFO_slide 12